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World Day of Prayer Report 2018 – Suriname

 “All God’s Creation is Very Good!”


In March this year, across our wide country of Australia, more than 965 prayer services and events were held, with approximately 30,000 praying participants in churches, schools, hospitals and homes. What a fantastic celebration of God’s creation and great love for us all!

Reports so far have all been extremely positive, with those in attendance learning – some for the first time – about the tiny country of Suriname in South America.

The theme for the year – All God’s Creation is Very Good!” – had us thinking carefully about our impact on the world. We were challenged to consider how we might change the future by changing our habits of waste and thoughtlessness. Many of us made commitments to reduce, re-use and recycle. We also joined in prayer for children at risk, domestic violence and poverty within the country.

Prayer venues were decorated in a colourful, tropical theme, and a highlight of many services was the reading of the poem “One Tree”, written by a member of the writing team in Suriname:

one tree
so many leaves
one tree

one river
so many creeks
all are going to one sea

one head
so many thoughts
thoughts among which one good one must be

one God
so many ways of worshipping
but one Father

one Suriname
so many hair types
so many skin colours
so many tongues
one people

Many of our States have elected to send their offerings to the Bible Society for the support of their “Kids at Risk” program in Suriname. A number of other respected Christian ministries across Australia will also receive support as a result of the generosity of our praying communities.

However, as positive as our State reports have been, they also share their universal concern for the future. Sadly, World Day of Prayer is often perceived to be only for women, and only for the elderly. Neither of these is correct, but we – along with the rest of the world – are struggling to find ways to engage younger people on our State and local Committees. Without their support, World Day of Prayer will not survive for many more years.

I urge you to be praying with us about the future, and if you are interested in serving on a Committee, or becoming involved at a local level, please contact your local State office through our website:

We look forward to praying with you in 2019 for Slovenia, under the theme: “Come, everything is ready!”

Jan Peddersen, National Liaison Officer, World Day of Prayer Australia