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World Day Of Prayer 2019 Mid – Year Report

By August 12, 2019July 12th, 2021News


Project – Healing the Wounds of Trauma

In 2019, the World Day of Prayer focus is on the country of Slovenia. This project has begun well with 5 countries from the Balkans (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria) attending an initial equipping session in Belgrade in 2018.

From that session, 10 Slovenian facilitators were trained and so far this year, 8 healing groups have been held with 45 participants, women who have experienced a variety of traumas.
The first Community of Practice meeting was held in March 2019 where facilitators and leaders could share group work experience, preparations, challenges as well as cast a vision for the future of the project.

In August there will be an advanced trauma healing equipping session held in Ljubljana, Slovenia. More than 50 applications were received for potential candidates and all were interviewed at length to determine their appropriateness. Out of those 50, 22 were identified as candidates and will participate in the advanced session in August. These facilitators come from all denominations present in Slovenia.

From Slovenia: We would like to thank all the supporters, donors and individuals who have made possible the establishing of the trauma healing program in Slovenia through which the facilitators will be able to mediate the healing power of Christ to wounded people. God bless you!

Please pray with us for Slovenian women to receive God’s medicine into their hearts and to live in His loving freedom. Help us to be instruments in this wounded world and pray for God to speak into the hearts of committed people to join this ministry and serve others following the example of Jesus Christ.




Project – Children at Risk

This project aims to distribute 1,000 school bags per year filled with school supplies, Scriptures and a Bible to children who have been identified as being “at risk”. These children are living in situations that are not ideal for their development such as group homes, foster care or difficult family environments.

The gift of a school bag filled with supplies as well as Bible and Scripture items, helps to motivate the children and encourages them to stay in school. On the day of the distribution, the children are invited to a special “Fun Day” where they participate in activities, enjoy special treats and listen to speakers who teach them about hope in Jesus, God’s love for them and His plan for their lives. This is an incredibly rare opportunity for these children and one they delight in.

The distribution has recently taken place in 3 areas of Suriname with 500 school bags given to children in Marowijne, 200 school bags distributed in Kwamelasemoetoe (by airplane!) and 300 in Para.




Project – Bibles for Trauma Healing

This project aims to train facilitators to lead trauma healing sessions to women who have been affected by traumatic experiences. An example of the sorts of experiences that could lead a woman to require trauma healing is family and domestic violence. In 2017, a national survey showed that 26% of women aged between 15 and 49 have experienced physical, sexual or emotional violence by their partner or spouse. Other forms of trauma include childhood assault, natural disasters such as typhoons and the deaths of loved ones.
Each woman who completes the trauma healing course will receive a Bible which will be their companion as they go through the healing process. Introducing all the women to the Scriptures as their ultimate source of comfort, hope and peace is one of the major goals of this project.

The Trauma Healing program ministered to a further 23 individuals who joined two healing group sessions from January to February in Manila and Marikina. Most of these participants are church leaders who are very thankful that they gained knowledge and understanding about how to receive true healing from trauma. Seven of the participants also attended the first initial facilitator equipping training for this year as they expressed their desire to adopt this program in their own church ministries.

So far 900 individuals have been reached through this project.