South Australian and Northern Territory Service Times and Locations

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ADELAIDE CITYSalvation Army277 Pirie Street Adelaide10:00 AMFriday 4th March5000
ALICE SPRINGS NTUniting Church50 Todd St, Alice Springs7:00 PMFriday 4th March870
ARDROSSANSt. James AnglicanOval Tce, Ardrossan2:00 PMFriday 4th March5571
ASCOT PARKSouth Point24 Towers Tce, Edwardstown7:00 PMFriday 4th March5042
BALAKLAVAChurch of Christ30/34 Edith Tce, Balaklava7:30 PMFriday 4th March5461
BARMERASt.Edmunds AnglicanLangdon Tce, Barmera7:00 PMFriday 4th March5345
BAROSSA VALLEYUnitingSturt Street, Angaston7:00 PMFriday 4th March5353
BERRILutheran Church3 Denny St, Berri SA 10:00 AMFriday 4th March5343
BLACKWOOD HILLSOur Lady of the way CatholicLaffers Rd,Belair10:00 AMFriday 4th March5051
BOOLEROO CENTREBooleroo Ministry Centre4 Borgas Street Booleroo Centre SA 7:30 PMFriday 4th March5482
BORDERTOWNSt. Mary's Catholic Bordertown10:00 AMFriday 4th March5268
BRIGHTONSeacliff UnitingWheatland Rd, Seacliff10:00 AMFriday 4th March5046
BRINKWORTHSt.John's LutheranMain Street, Brinkworth7:30 PMFriday 4th March5464
BURRASt Mary's AnglicanMarket Street, Burra10:30 AMFriday 4th March5417
CAMPELLTOWNChurch of Annunciation20 Montacute Rd, Hectorville10:00 AMFriday 4th March5073
CEDUNAUniting ChurchPoynton Street, Ceduna7:00 PMFriday 4th March5690
CHARLES STURTCatholic Church Our Lady of Peace100 Botting St, Albert Park1:30 PMFriday 4th March5014
CLARESt.Paul's Lutheran ChurchSabine St, Clare10:00 AMFriday 4th March5453
CLEVELutheran ChurchCleve SA10:00 AMFriday 4th March5640
COWELLLutheran ChurchStory Rd, Cowell SA 1:30 PMFriday 4th March5602
CROYDONUniting ChurchTorrens Rd, Croydon Pk10:00 AMFriday 4th March5008
CRYSTAL BROOKSt.Silas AnglicanBrandis St, Crystal Brook10:00 AMFriday 4th March5523
CUMMINSUniting ChurchRailway Tce, Cummins10:00 AMFriday 4th March5631
DARWINChristian Family CentreParap, Darwin10: amFriday 4th March804
EUDUNDA/ROBERTSTOWNChurch HallRobertstown1:30 PMFriday 4th March5381
ADELAIDE WESTUniting ChurchSir Donald Bradman Drive,Brooklyn Pk10:00 AMFriday 4th March5032
GAWLERAnglican Church St.GeorgesCowan Street, Gawler10:00 AMFriday 4th March5116
GLADSTONE7:30 PMFriday 4th March5473
GLENELGSt.Paul's Lutheran Church50 Brighton Rd, Glenelg6:30 PMFriday 4th March5045
GOOLWACatholic Church10-14 Gardiner St, Goolwa SA 7:00 PMFriday 4th March5214
HALLETT COVEUniting Church18 Zwerner Drive, Hallet Cove7:00 PMFriday 4th March5158
HAWKERUniting Church HallCradock Rd, Hawker1:30 PMFriday 4th March5434
HAWTHORNHoly Cross Catholic159 Goodwood Rd, Millswood10:00 AMFriday 4th March5034
INGLE FARMSt.Augustines AnglicanKesters Rd, Para Hills5:30 PMThursday 3rd March5109
JAMESTOWNUniting8 Irvine St, Jamestown SA 10:00 AMFriday 4th March5491
KADINA/MOONTA/WALLAROOSacred Heart Catholic19 Goyder St, Kadina10:00 AMFriday 4th March5554
KANGAROO ISLANDCatholic ChurchTodd St, Kingscote2:00 PMFriday 4th March5223
KAPUNDAAnglican ChurchGranthan Cres, Kapunda10:00 AMFriday 4th March5373
KAROONDAUniting ChurchPeake Street, Karoonda1:30 PMFriday 4th March5307
KEITHSt.Paul's Lutheran ChurchPoplar Ave, Keith SA 7:30 PMFriday 4th March5267
KIMBAUniting Church29 High Street, Kimba10:00 AMFriday 4th March5641
KINGSTON SELutheran ChurchCameron St, Kingston10:00 AMFriday 4th March5275
KOOLUNGA/YACKA/GULNAREGulnare UnitingRailway Tce, Gulnare7:30 PMFriday 4th March5464
LAMEROOMallee Life ChurchRailway Tce North Lameroo2:00 PMFriday 4th March5302
LOXTONChurch6 Edward St, Loxton10:00 AMFriday 4th March5333
MAGILLSt.Joseph's CatholicMagill Rd, Tranmere10:00 AMFriday 4th March5068
MAITLANDUniting ChurchRobert Street, Maitland10:00 AMFriday 4th March5573
MAYLANDSFriday 4th March
MELROSEUniting ChurchMelrose SA 54837:00 PMFriday 4th March5483
MENINGIEAnglican ChurchPrinces Hwy, Meningie SA 11:00 AMFriday 4th March5264
MILLICENTSalvation ArmyBramwell St, Millicent10:00 AMFriday 4th March5280
MINLATONAnglican ChurchFourth St, Minlaton10:00 AMFriday 4th March5575
MODBURY/T T GULLYFriday 4th March
MOUNT BARKERAnglican Parish42 Hutchinson St, Mt.Barker7:00 PMFriday 4th March5251
MOUNT COMPASSMount Compass Anglican ChurchClyde Tce, Mount Compass SA 52107:00 PMFriday 4th March5210
MOUNT GAMBIERChrist Church Anglican26 Bay Road, Mt.Gambier6:00 PMFriday 4th March5290
MT PLEASANTSt.Matthew's CatholicShannon Street, Birdwood2:00 PMFriday 4th March5235
MURRAY BRIDGEChurch of Christ32 Second St, Murray Bridge10:00 AMFriday 4th March5253
NARACOORTESt.Andrews PresbyterianChurch St, Naracoorte9:30 AMFriday 4th March5271
ONKAPARINGA VALLEYLobethal LutheranMain Street, Lobethal10:00 AMFriday 4th March5244
ORROROOUniting ChurchFifth Street, Orroroo7:00 PMFriday 4th March5431
PAYNEHAMSt. Aidan's AnglicanCnr O.G. & Payneham Rds, Payneham10:00 AMFriday 4th March5074
PENOLAPenola Lutheran Church11 Robe Rd, Penola 10:00 AMFriday 4th March5277
PETERBOROUGHSt.Peter's Anglican51 Kitchener St, Peterborough 2:00 PMFriday 4th March5422
PINNAROOPinaroo Uniting Church14 Railway Terrace N, Pinnaroo SA 2:00 PMFriday 4th March5304
PORT AUGUSTAPresbyterian Church24 Jervoius St, Port Augusta1:30 PMFriday 4th March5700
PORT BROUGHTONSt.Margarets CatholicMcKay St, Pt. Broughton10:00 AMFriday 4th March5522
PORT LINCOLNSt Thomas Anglican32 Washington Port Lincoln SA 10:00 AMFriday 4th March5606
PORT MAC DONNELLUniting ChurchBookey St, Pt MacDonnell7:00 PMFriday 4th March5291
PORT PIRIEBaptist ChurchHannan St, Risdon Park10:30 am & 7:30 pmFriday 4th March5540
QUORNUniting Church5th Street, Quorn5:00 PMFriday 4th March5433
RENMARKAnglican ChurchJames Ave, Renmark10:00 AMFriday 4th March5341
RIVERTONLutheran ChurchTorrens Rd, Riverton10:00 AMFriday 4th March5412
SADDLEWORTH/MANOORASaddleworth Uniting6 Spur Street Saddleworth SA 54137:00 PMFriday 4th March5413
SALISBURYSalvation Army Parafield GdnsLavender Drive, Parafield Gdns2:00 PMFriday 4th March5107
SEAFORDSalvation ArmyElizabeth Rd, Morphett Vale1:00 PMFriday 4th March5162
SNOWTOWNChurch Hall7 Tenth St Snowtown SA 552010:00 AMFriday 4th March5520
ST MARYSCol Light Gdns Uniting560 Goodwood Rd, Col. Light Gdns2:30 PMFriday 4th March5043
STIRLINGAldgate Church of Christ54 Strathalbyn Rd, Aldgate10:00 AMFriday 4th March5154
STRATHALBYNLutheran Church2 Commercial Rd, Strathalbyn10:30 AMFriday 4th March5255
STREAKY BAYSt Canutes Catholic1 Bockelberg St, Streaky Bay SA7:00 PMFriday 4th March5680
TAPEROOSt.Bede's Anglican200 Military Rd, Semaphore7:00 PMFriday 4th March5017
TUMBY BAYUniting ChurchSpencer St, Tumby Bay7:00 PMFriday 4th March5605
TUSMORESt.Saviours Anglican596 Glen Osmond Rd, Glen Osmond10:00 AMFriday 4th March5064
TWO WELLSUniting ChurchGawler Rd, Two Wells7:30 PMFriday 4th March5118
VICTOR HARBORAdare Uniting6 The Drive, McCracken, Victor Harbour2:00 PMFriday 4th March5211
WAIKERIEUniting ChurchWaikerie7:00 PMFriday 4th March5330
WALKERVILLESt Andrews Anglican43 Church Terrace, Walkerville SA 50817:30 PMFriday 4th March5081
WARRADALEFaith Lutheran2 Aisla St Warradale SA 50461:30 PMFriday 4th March5046
WHYALLASt.Teresa ChurchNicolson Ave, Whyalla Playford7:00 PMFriday 4th March5600
WILLUNGASt.Jospehs ChurchSt.Jude St, Willunga7:00 PMFriday 4th March5172
WIRRABARAZion Lutheran ChurchWirrabara7:30 PMFriday 4th March5481
WUDINNALutheran ChurchBallantyne St, Wudinna SA 10:00 AMFriday 4th March5652
YANKALILLAUniting ChurchMain Road, Yankalilla7:00 PMFriday 4th March5203
YORKETOWNSt.Columba's Catholic55 Warooka Rd, Yorketown2:00 PMFriday 4th March5576