The World Day of Prayer International Committee provides the international coordination of WDP through working with National Committees from over 160 countries.

The worldwide growth of the World Day of Prayer movement called for international involvement in planning and responsibility for World Day of Prayer. The World Day of Prayer International Committee (WDPIC), made up of representatives of National/Regional Committees, first met in 1968 in Sweden. It continues to meet in a different area of the world every four years.

The Executive Committee carries on the recommendations made at the International Committee Meeting. Each regional representative promotes communication and leadership in her respective area. Together they provide a global perspective in the decision making and coordination of the worldwide ecumenical movement that is World Day of Prayer. They are themselves engaged in a process of widening their understanding of faith traditions, churches, societies, cultures, and organising structures.

​The Executive Committee is comprised of women who volunteer to serve in this capacity.

International Committee

WDPIC Executive Committee Meeting 2019, New York

WDIP Executive Committee

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