World Day of Prayer 2018 – Artist

By July 5, 2017 News, WDP2018

Alice Pomstra – Elmont

I am Alice Pomstra – Elmont, born on 20 January 1947 in a very special place in Suriname. I am a member of the Hervormde gemeente (Dutch Reformed Church). At an environment exhibition, I was asked to participate in designing a cover for WDP program.

I was born on the ship ‘Paramaribo’ in the Cottica River near Mocca in the District of Marowijne. My mother was travelling from Paramaribo to Moengo, which in those days could only be done by boat. After I turned 6, my parents moved to Paramaribo, the capital, where I spent most of my youth. I worked in general education in Suriname where my creativity soared. After some years, I moved to the Netherlands where I worked in special education. By working with children with disabilities I learned to enjoy the little things. Now that I live in Suriname again, I enjoy this wonderful country with its rich nature. It is delightful to see the sun rise in the morning and see the birds flying. What a precious gift. Let us keep it as beautiful as we received it.

We live in a beautiful country that we received from our Creator. I see this as a special gift that we must cherish – a beautiful nature with wonderful forests and mountains that boasts great rivers with impressive rapids. It is a rich country with beautiful flowers and animals, but also sufficient food for everyone. Let us cherish this beautiful gift so that we can pass it on in its beautiful state to the coming generations.

The painting:

Here we symbolically see the hands that receive the divine gift and pass it on to the next generations. Every day the sun shines over the land where animals and plants have found a place. The vegetables and fruit tell us that there is enough food for everyone. The blue hummingbird, the white ibis and the macaw are a few of the many bird species our country boasts. The blue frog (okopipi) is one of the protected animal species that can only be found in Suriname. The red and yellow heliconia is native to our country and the majestic kapok (ceiba) tree is a beautiful giant in our forest. The Voltzberg (Voltz Mountain) is one of Suriname’s many granite mountains. The seven women symbolize all women in Suriname who cherish this gift to pass it on to their children. Seven also symbolizes the seven days of God’s creation.