2018 World Day of Prayer Media Release

By July 26, 2017 Media Releases

Media Release

Date: Friday 2nd March 2018

Since 1887, on or near the first Friday in March every year, millions of Christians have gathered worldwide to pray for the issues of family violence, child abuse, human trafficking, and other forms of injustice.

In 2018 that prayerful support will be directed at the 540,000 inhabitants of the Republic of Suriname, on the north-eastern coast of South America.

Despite a history steeped in slavery and political coups, this tiny nation has achieved remarkable progress since its independence in 1975.

Suriname enjoys multi-ethnicity and biodiversity, freedom of religion, free primary and secondary education, and free medical care for children and seniors.

But behind closed doors, family violence, abuse and neglect are ongoing issues. Children are particularly vulnerable, many growing up in orphanages or one-parent families. While education is free, there is no compulsory school attendance. Child labour in the form of street selling is common, but of far more serious concern is the fact that many children are labouring in the gold mines of Suriname.

You are invited to join us in prayer for the needs of Suriname and its people at a World Day of Prayer service or event near you.

Contact your local church for details, or check the list of services online at www.worlddayofprayeraustralia.org.